The legal team of Conde & Glaser LAW has fought zealously to achieve results for our clients. We have represented corporate and business leaders, political candidates and accident victims. Our attorneys have negotiated hundreds of settlements – and when settlements have proven impossible, we have appeared in court ready to litigate matters in court. Through perseverance, assembling the right witnesses and compiling strong evidentiary documentation, we have earned numerous victories on behalf of our clients.

Our Attorneys are skillful in handling the press, whether on television or in newspaper articles. Many of our cases have proven to be newsworthy. This includes: the gubernatorial pardon of a resident alien with a troubled past who turned his life around; attaining emergency restraining orders to stop environmental explosions; and preventing the abuses of a despotic group of people from preventing democratic elections in Not-for-Profit and business corporations.

Recently, our work on behalf of the committee sponsoring the Dominican Day Parade allowed the parade to go forward after numerous obstacles were created through political pressure. Our lawyer’s also obtained the release of Judge Phillips from a nursing home – again, despite the political intrigue that caused him to be deprived of his freedom and the fortune he created during his lifetime.

Both Partners of the firm have attained considerable experience in Election Law – enabling us to assist political candidates to obtain a spot on the ballot in the most politically-entrenched state, favoring incumbents, in the country. The Partners have also been successful in several cases on behalf of the Sikh community, as well as other religious establishments.

We argued successfully and achieved unanimous approval of a panel of Judges in the Second Judicial Department for the reinstatement of John O’Hara as an Attorney, after the Grievance Committee also voted unanimously for his readmission. John O’Hara was wrongfully charged, convicted and disbarred on an offense that had not been charged in any prosecution since Susan B. Anthony. Indeed, the subcommittee that considered his readmission issued a stinging rebuke of Joe Hynes and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, and recognized their actions as tantamount to a political prosecution.

We stand by the motto that this firm will fight for a client’s rights for as long as it takes for justice to prevail. The firm will also seek restraining orders against companies or individuals that are, in some way, harming our clients. No case is too large or too small. We will try everything in our power to create a “fit” of our talents to suit the needs of your case. Please check out the Testimonials and Newspaper Articles about our accomplishments.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to working on your case!

Marion Conde da Silveira & Ezra B. Glaser