DearDear Candidate,

Congratulations on your decision to run for public office! I am writing to you to offer the services of our law firm in working for your campaign. At this time, you should be retaining an attorney to represent you for the upcoming petitioning process. I believe that it is very important for you to hire an experienced election attorney before petitioning begins, so that mistakes can be avoided and legal court battles may be prevented.

We truly believe our role as election lawyers is to defend the rights of all candidates and to support fair ballot access for all political parties. In Felder v. Storobin, for example, we successfully defended a candidate’s petition at the trial level, before the Kings County Supreme Court, and argued successfully before the Appellate Division, Second Department that any discrepancies in the candidate’s petition were the result of innocent mistakes by either the candidate or his novice campaigners. We also demonstrated, based on the vigorous cross-examination of a hand writing “expert,” that claims of “fraud” alleged by our adversary were completely unfounded.

In 2014, we represented a candidate pertaining to issues involving his subscribing witnesses in the New York State Supreme Court, the Appellate Division and the New York Court of Appeals.

Interestingly, the most pervasive problem that we have encountered on the part of candidates is their failure to meet necessary Board of Election requirements. For example, in another case, Santiago v. Westchester County Board of Elections – we successfully restored a candidate to the ballot after the Board of Elections disqualified him for innocent mistakes pertaining to the county of enrollment. This result is indicative of our hard work and zealous representation.

Because of the Board of Elections requirements and deadlines, we would like to meet you soon to discuss the possibility of serving as your election attorney in 2016.

We have worked with some of the finest election lawyers in New York City, while, at other times, worked against them as adversaries.

While I believe the attorneys in our firm are almost exclusively committed to the principles of Democratic Party, we often are retained by Republican candidates. We believe that this is because we ferociously fight for our clients and have no loyalty to “insiders” within the majority of the party. We welcome candidates to contact our offer whatever your party affiliation.

Lastly, we advise you to strongly consider the advice – and payment requests – made by “consultants” advising candidates on election matters without having any experience on a legal level. While we work with professional consulting firms on petition matters often, I am often put aback by political operatives that approach candidates about what they “must do” during a petition drive, often contrary to the candidate’s interests.

I believe you will find our rates to be fair and reasonable. To schedule a free consultation please call (212) 385-9300 or contact us online.

Best Wishes,


Ezra B. Glaser, Esq.

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