Family Law

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Criminal Defense

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Worker’s compensation

We represent various clients who have been hurt on the job and are entitled to medical and financial benefits as a result of an accident that occured on the job. Read More →

Petitions to stay evictions

At times, our commercial clients are seeking a restraining order from being evicted from their business premises. Our attorneys are able to quickly file papers in order to temporarily stop the process. Read More →

Petition for Pardons by the Governor

Pardon is the forgiveness of a crime and the cancellation in whole or in part of the penalty associated with it. A pardon can be granted by the Governor. Read More →

Personal Injury

We represent persons who have been killed, injured physically or psychologically as a result of negligence or wrongdoing by another person, this includes, construction accidents, car accidents, rapes, assaults and injuries from chemical or wax burns in salons. Read More →

Not for Profit Corporate Law

NYS has a variety of laws governing Not-for-Profit Corp. laws. We represent various hospitals, churchs, synagogues and parade organizations when disputes arrise within their corporate bodies or when they are being sued by various government entities. Our attorneys also represent Read More →

Medical Malpractice

We represent various clients who have been injured by their Doctors or Dentists during medical procedures. Settled a case for two Plaintiffs for a total of 3 million dollars where the actions of the doctors and the hospital almost paralyzed Read More →

Matters involving the NY State Liquor authority

We represent various nightclubs, pool halls and restaurants when they have been fined and/or threatened with loosing their liquor license. Read More →